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Your guilt is now my problem

Um-m-m, er-r-r, yeah.
Um-m-m, er-r-r, yeah.
Ditto, JB.
Ditto, JB.

The Dems/Libs/Statists are totally RABID in their unified 5-(or more)-times-per-day “call” (read: hysterical screaming) for Gun-Control/Safety/Confiscation. They’re not ashamed to show their true colors (Red+Yellow sickle & star).

So wasssup with the Other Side? How else do you explain their lack of “a spirited defense” of our Natural Right to bear arms – for the defense of self and to defend-against-would be-tyrants? Oh, wait. Maybe JB & McC want one of their own to be the Tyrant-in-chief again. That’s it…sorry, answered my own question.


Happily married 3rd-wave houseWife; opinionated; Liberty-loving defensive-firearms advocate; Jane-of-many-trades; Freelance graphic-design.

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