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King George, another left-wing billionaire, chimes in

Well, kinda-sorta.
Well, kinda-sorta.

You see, children, gunz are A-O-K as long as they are in the hands of “professionals” (a.k.a. the ruling-elites’ jackbooted puppets & pawns). Like all statists, Soros and Obama and Bloomberg and Cuomo and Feinstein and, well, you get the idea…they’re “down” with the military and their stateside militarized-counterparts (like the friendly police menz, above) having BIG, BAD weaponry and countless supplies of “cop-killer” bullets and banana flavored “clips.”  That way they can point all that cool stuff at the masters’ ideological enemies as needed (by Law or decree).

Soros’ think tank article here.

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Whose really a bigger threat to society?

Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Sugar and spice and everything nice.

That’s more than 3000 “kids” every day that’ll never get a chance to set foot inside a schoolhouse, whether the “safe” kind like Obama’s XX’s go to (with private armed guards + Secret Service, of course) or the inherently “unsafe” kind in the rest of the “gun-free” school zones across America.

Check out how stupid American woman are even after a lifetime of “sex/birth-control ed” here.

Come on girls, seriously, 50% of all pregnancies are “UNINTENDED?” I’m not swallowing that!