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At least Obama wants some kids kept safe

Nah! Obama's no hippocrip.
Nah! Obama’s no hippocrip.

Heez jes all for keeping hiz Muslim frenns happy. No matter where dey iz. Dat’s alls. Beesides, dat ‘ol C.S.P.A. was diss scriminina Tory anywaaz. Oh, and it was Bush’s eye dea plus hiz fault to. NOTE: dat kid izz pritty smart. He haz got hizz bad self a trippel magazine-rig (it ain’t a KLIP, ya’all) so heez all set to kill him at leest 20-times-3 or about 50 “paper targits” if heez good that iz. Witch is kwhite uh few targits.
Presidential Pronouncement here. Photo snagged from here (which was where I first read about this yesterday).

[You gotta admit it: getting one of those would be so much BETTER than getting an ObamaPhone!]