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It’s so much simpler to just scan my work…

Pelikan opaques+ (15″ x 22″ Arches 140-lb hotpress). You can probably tell I used a lot of liquid white (tempera) in the sky!

Before painting I tried something different on the paper’s surface. First I “sealed” it with Liquitex “Flexible Modeling Paste” which left a slightly uneven sandpapery texture. When that was dry the whole surface was coated with a slightly dilute mix of “Ultra Matte Medium.” It made for a less perfect surface, of course, giving the paper a hint of the mysterious, a touch of the unpredictable. Dare I say perhaps also a hint-of-Danger?

That’s what I get for posting while “someone” nearby is playing a Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. 🙂

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Goldilocks and the too-big paper

Here’s the source photo, cuz, um-m-m, the painting is a tad too big for my scanner!

I decided to go almost all-the-way. TRANSLATION I tried making this picture on a half-sheet (15″ x 22″) of Arches 140-lb. hot press paper (don’t you just love the deckled edge on mold-made paper?). Let’s just say I’m not so comfortable working that large. Up side is that the next one on a quarter-sheet (11″ x 15″) will seem small!

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