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I considered, O Come All Ye Butthurt…


I feel a little bit sorry for all the SJWs (and their parents and their grand-parents) who can’t accept “not winning.” They don’t even own the ball that normally they’d take home after losing the game.

I wrote this for them. And for the rest of us to get a laugh from. And to go in the homage to (rip-off of?) “Christmas Carol” that I’m working on. I hope “yule” enjoy it.

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Outspoken President-elect @realDonaldTrump won “Against All Odds” (& farewell @realJamesWoods)


I waited too long to Twitter-follow Woods, the villian in the 1984 movie, Against All Odds. He has left-the-(Twitter) building in protest of the “progressive” censorship there…

I mean, you gotta admire the leftists’ new found level of hypocrisy: all that talk of “Stronger Together” and “Love Trumps ‘Hate’.” What they mean is, WE define “Love” (and thereby, “Hate”), oh, and we ALSO define the Constitutional Ideal called, “free speech.”